I designed the mural If You Forget: Look Around You, housed in Ithaca, NY, from a concept provided by Rosette Epstein. The project was selected by a jury to be sponsored by Ithaca Murals’ 2019 Justice Walls mini-grant program, and awarded use of outdoor wall space on the building of Ithaca Family and Children’s Services in downtown Ithaca.

The concept for this design is based on the idea that a different kind of city map – a map made of people – could be a celebration of Ithaca’s community. The image reminds the viewer of their role as a member of a diverse, supportive, and artistic community.

The figures in the image are simple and relatable, reminiscent of traffic sign icons. Depending on where the viewer arrives at the mural, they may encounter these figures as individual pedestrians, finding their way to the larger group. In the foreground, the figures can be distinguished by their brightly colored heads, and further back they become more homogenous: many individuals make up a whole.